Tobacco grow – update


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14 Responses to “Tobacco grow – update”

  1. Automastick

    Thank you Big! I am amazed at how this is all growing and all. I have a lot
    of baccy already stored and drying nicely! Let’s just hope i cure and
    ferment them alright so they will be a good smoke in my pipe :) Enjoy your

  2. Automastick

    Yeah! I picked quite a lot already and is drying nicely! Thanks man! Let’s
    just hope i don’t mess up the final stages of growing, curing..fermenting :) Enjoy your smokes buddy!

  3. allanjohn61

    Hi My Good Friend…Its good to see you again, your plants are coming on
    great, i am looking forward to seeing you make your own tobacco. Take good
    care good friend, and sweet smokes to you good sir. Blessed Be A.J.

  4. Automastick

    Thanks Paul, I can’t wait to see what i will do with them either :) Smoke
    good/Choke bad :) Will keep you guys posted! Enjoy your baccy&pipes!

  5. EdgeOfFlame

    Looking good brother, looks like you have some sweet smokes coming for ya.
    Take care and enjoy =) -Mikko-

  6. Automastick

    Thank you A.J. The plants are awesomely growing and now start to flower :)
    Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your smokes!

  7. MrDaggers62

    Looking great Stick. When do we place our orders for Sticks Virginia :D
    Keep them going and can’t wait to see what you do with them once they are
    dried. Cheers. Paul

  8. callendarl

    Nice tobacco. Lost a lot of mine to tobacco horn worms this year.

  9. Bigsmokingwolf

    Hey those plants are looking good! your going to have a nice little crop
    there! It all looks good! Cheers! Big

  10. Automastick

    Thanks buddy! Yeah, they are looking good..real good! :) Thanks for
    stopping by! Enjoy sweet smokes!

  11. Automastick

    Thanks buddy! Nice of you to stop by! Enjoy your smokes! Greetings from

  12. Automastick

    Thanks! I hope they will produce seeds! :) Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy
    your smokes!

  13. fwerk

    Waw, they are tall now! Great job my friend, you will soon have quite some
    baccy to smoke! Cheers — AurĂ©lien

  14. Happysmoking100

    this has to be one of the coolest videos ive seen in a long time very cool
    my friend happy smoking :)